Bloody Vegans……...listen we know we are annoying but no change has ever happened in the presence of silence and that's the reason for us starting 1KND.
We understand that we aren’t all blessed with the seriously awesome debate skills of the likes of Ed, Joey and James (Sorry to all the amazing activists we haven't mentioned) but our aim is to give those that want to speak up for animals but maybe don't have the confidence the chance to do so.
I mean we all know the old classic don’t we?
‘How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry they’ll tell ya!
Well now you don’t have to say a single word just wear a 1KND T-Shirt instead, Ta da
 Now most of us know that when it comes to animals most people are blinded by hypocrisy, and we think that most folk are good decent people that just need a little help knowing the truth.
Wanna know some stuff about us?
We are a small loving caring team that are vegan AF, and when we say we love animals we bloody well mean it. Everything we produce will be designed printed and shipped from the UK, no over seas child or cheap slave labour.
All products will be either organic or made from recycled products,
and we will donate a percentage of our profits to help the innocent animals that have been saved from slaughter.
We implore you to help us end the exploitation of animals,
Peace and Love always.
Team 1KND